Monthly seminar for conveying information to the members by the heads of the five general subject committees are held both at Tokyo and Osaka to let the members keep in close contact and exchange information each other. Technical seminars and training programs for employees of the members by expert lecturers are undertaken.General meetings are held at the chapters and occasional seminars are carried out as needed.
Through close communication and guidance from Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare and other relevant authorities, the governmental and regulatory information on food additives is quickly disseminated to the members, and requests from member companies are conveyed to the relevant authorities.
Technical information regarding safety and benefits of food additives is collected and analyzed on an international level.
JAFA responds to inquiries and requests from member companies for studies regarding the safety and usefulness of food additives.
Information concerning the safety and benefits of food additives is maintained for consumers, and communication and educational activities directed toward consumer groups are carried out. Furthermore, informative pamphlets, brochures and videos on food additives are prepared and distributed to provide accurate knowledge on these subjects.
A scientific journal, Japan Food Additives News (JAFAN) is published bi-monthly and an activity report and news letters, Japan Food Additives Association Report, is published monthly for the members. In addition, "The Japanese Specifications and Standards for Food Additives" (in English), "Food Sanitation Law" (in English) and many other publications in Japanese explaining regulations and safeties are issued.
JAFA runs voluntary certification program for KANSUI (an alkaline preparation for Chinese noodles) and the preparation of tar colors. In addition, JAFA also promotes self-responsible management of the food additives industry by preparing voluntary specifications of food additives and a responsible authorization system of food additives good manufacturing practice(GMP).

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